The Truth About Protein Pt. 2

*Disclaimer: This may contain some sensitive content

Hello fellow Earthling. I’m sure we’ve all heard that phrase before, or at least the word: Earthling. The definition is pretty basic; it means inhabit of Earth. You, me, the raccoon down the road—we’re all exclusive creatures from this planet. We’ve heard of racism, sexism, etc. When someone or something is discriminated based on a “feature” they have. There’s a hidden “ism” no one knows about and that is speciesism. Speciesism is prejudice or discrimination based on the species. Thinking that one is better than the other. Just like racism, and sexism, this is a man-made invention and the victims are animals. All my life I’ve heard that “humans are the supreme species” “God put animals here for us to kill” but what does this really mean?  What is happening because of this mindset is mass murder is extreme habitat destruction, extinction all over the world, and very sick people.

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In the web of life, humans are not superior to any one other organism. We are stemmed from all, and we are a part of everything. Humans have come a long way, evolving from a single-cell organism. Just like cats and dogs, fish, pigs, chickens, cows, goats, life on this planet is its own universe. Each and every living organism has their own unique life to live as we do. Something that can connect us all is our DNA. There is a major problem rising though, and that is separating ourselves from the 70 Billion suffering beings we kill for meat. 90% of the meat consumed comes from factory farms—these are not happy cows.

We all hate getting on a bus with too many people, or shopping in a crowded grocery store. Imagine being in a large factory with thousands of others around you. No, you don’t get to wander around; you’re confined to an extremely small space. Like the seat on an airplane type small. No light, no bathrooms, no room to breathe at all. The smell of blood and feces filling you with every breath.  On top of that, the people who are “caring” for you are actually abusing you. These care takers are raping you, cutting off parts of your body without any anesthetics, and throwing you into blood filled areas where you watch ALL of your friends and family being murdered. There’s no upgrade to first class, no sound proof walls, and no sympathy at all. There is nowhere else to go; you know you will die here. “

It couldn’t get any worse, right? What about the food?”The animals there eat genetically modified wheat, corn, and soy which are laden with pesticides, and herbicides; yes, this is found in the final meat product that you eat. On top of that, more than 80% of ALL antibiotics made are given to factory farm animals. They continually give these animals medicine because their living conditions are contaminated with disease his often slips through inspection and is passed onto us. Over 48 Million Americans (1 out of 6 people) get sick, hospitalized or die from foodborne diseases. You don’t hear about that too often, do you? A big factor to take into consideration are children—they are more susceptible. What are we feeding our kids? I can tell you what’s happening on the farms—to the offspring of those sick animals.

-Calves are forcibly taken away from their mother within minutes after their birth. They never get to see their mother again. They are then either sold to be killed as veal or “raised” to be another dairy cow which will then be killed as beef later on.

-Piglets teeth, testicles, and sometimes tail are ripped from their body without anesthetics and thrown into a pin with millions of other bleeding, sick pigs.

-Chicks that are male have “no value” so they are immediately killed by being thrown into a grinder, fully conscious

Sounds pretty cruel, right? A bit uncomfortable? Good, because it is & that’s just the beginning of it. How many people even think about the millions of animals skinned alive for their fur, or crippled by animal testing for our body/home “care” products. These animals don’t have a voice, but they sure can scream, and cry. Just as we would. Over 70 Billion animals are tortured and murdered every single year—for us. These animals are not dummy test subjects and they are not food, they are struggling to live their lives day to day just as we are. A piece of steak may smell appetizing but so does a bowl of strawberries! We’re choosing to eat death, over living enzymes that allow us to survive and thrive.

Put yourself in their place, because you are in fact contributing to this if you eat meat. There’s no denying or hiding. Every meat item you purchase is another life lost, and another life now in demand. I know that family BBQ is fun, and you can’t miss Christmas dinner over at grandmas, but are the few moments of tasty rotting flesh worth all of this destruction? I don’t think so.“I need my protein” yeah, well, they need their lives. All of the protein that you need can easily come from plants. No need for mass murder, instead you can be indulging in mass nutrition.

 “I can’t live without meat” well that might be true because if you continue eating animals, you won’t have a very long life to live.

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