These are a collection of some of my personal favorite videos, books & documentaries I’ve used to transition into a Plant-Based lifestyle. I highly recommend checking all of these out. They are only a few of the thousands of resources out there.  Feel free to give me your feedback, I would love to hear from you. Also, I will be updating this page frequently, so come back anytime and pick something new.  


The important thing to remember is that health and wellness belongs to everyone. I have a variety of people who have inspired me. Men, Women, Black, Brown, White, Asian, Mothers & Fathers. We are all connected when it comes to the importance of food.

A happy healthy life is attainable & belongs to you. 

Youtube Videos


The Greatest Speech You’ll Ever Hear

What Is Veganism? (+ Why You Should Be Vegan)

Pantry Essentials for Plant-Based Lifestyle 

6 Steps to Start a Healthy Diet 

10 Reasons to go Vegan 

My Kids Don’t Want to be Vegan Anymore

10 Snack Ideas for Studying Students 

After School/Work Vegan Snacks 

Reasons MEN Need to go Vegan


Documentaries & Movies