Our Planet Earth

Our planet Earth is deteriorating at a rapid rate due to human interference rather than human co-existence. We seem to think we are separate from every single thing on this planet… let’s not forget that we would not be where we are today without the natural resources the planet has and still consistently provides. There […]

Spread of Fruit

4 Foods To Eat Everyday

Hello and welcome to another quick reference blog post. I’ve got some key foods here that I feel everyone can benefit from eating every single day. Of course, to stay healthy it is imperative to eat a wide variety of plant-based foods. These 4 specific foods are easily accessible and also easy to add to […]

5 Tips for Eating Healthier

Transcript Audio Tip #1: Stop Stressing Over What You Can’t Eat Continually filling yourself with doubt will kill your motivation faster than anything. Just because the person across from you is eating a burger and you’re eating a salad does not mean you are lacking. Constantly thinking that you are doing something that’s “too hard” will not […]

A Key to Health| Food Combining

Hey everyone! I wanted to touch on a subject a lot of you have probably never thought about! I obtained some great knowledge to share regarding food combining. Now, I know every person has experienced gas, bloating, acid reflux, or just plain fatigue after eating a meal. It’s always painful when there’s a knot in […]

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet

Celebrating my 1 year “vegan-versary” I wanted to touch on some of the pros and cons of switching and maintaining this new, beautiful lifestyle. Now, these aren’t crazy, exaggerated examples I’m giving you. It was honestly hard to find enough cons, and way too many pros to put on the script! My journey is one […]

Basket with food

Mostly Raw Grocery Haul

Heyo, everyone! I wanted to share how easy it is to pick up plant-based whole foods diet! Right now, I’m doing a before & after challenge for my vegan-versary/birthday coming up early September. For this challenge, I’m hitting the gym almost every day and eating a lot more raw fruits and veggies to optimize my […]

Meat bread cheese

3 Foods You THINK Are Healthy

Ever heard these conversation starters before? Person 1:“Ugh, I need to start eating healthy!” Person 2: “Oh, I know!!! I made this really nice baked chicken dish the other day w/ some low-fat cheesy broccoli! So delicious and healthy. Person: 3“ That sounds so amazing! I saw something online that the BEST breakfast is a […]