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Hey everyone! I wanted to touch on a subject a lot of you have probably never thought about! I obtained some great knowledge to share regarding food combining.

Now, I know every person has experienced gas, bloating, acid reflux, or just plain fatigue after eating a meal. It’s always painful when there’s a knot in your stomach after eating. Not only can proper food combining assist in the BEST digestion possible for your body, but it can also help stop those uncomfortable feelings afterward.

Take a moment to think about your digestive system. How does it start? When it’s in yo belly right 😎 ? Nope, it actually starts with you seeing or smelling food. Then, as soon as you start to eat, your body automatically sends signals to your stomach. “Hey, we’ve got a mouth full of grapes! Get ready for em!” After your stomach gets the signal, it creates the best digestive environment for the type of food it’s about to receive. Your stomach is full of hydrochloric acid & will adjust it’s PH to efficiently digest that food. Isn’t that awesome!?! Your body is basically magic, but it does have some boundaries. Your stomach can’t create the perfect environment for two, three, different types of food.

Think about the water content, always. Oranges have lots of water. Strawberries do too, but what about mixing it with cereal? Not so much. The oranges and strawberries are sweet and full of vitamins and antioxidants. The cereal is dry, hard, full of added sugars and complex carbs. It’s hard for the stomach and intestines to break down these completely different foods at the same time. Something has to wait to be digested. That’s not always a good thing— for example:

At a BBQ, you’re eating lots of meat and bread. What happens when they pull out the watermelon? Everyone goes crazy! It’s a hot day, why not eat some watermelon to wash all the food down? No good. The watermelon may be juicy, but not enough so that it can pass by the burgers you just ate. When you eat different types of foods together, they can start to ferment in your body and become toxic.

Sounds scary, and it is. Improper food combining is a key factor to poor health. When you food combine properly however, you’re eating foods that naturally have a balance together and in your stomach for digestion. This has great potential for your whole body! A few benefits that can be seen immediately is no more gas, no more bloating, and amazing visits to the restroom.

Practice on yourself! One meal at a time, try foods and find out what your favorite combinations are. Below is a small chart to help your experiment. First, here are 4 rules to always keep in mind, no matter what you’re eating.

  1. Eat your fruit FIRST.
  2. Eat ALL melons ALONE. They have the highest water content of all fruits.
  3. You can combine greens with everything.
  4. Mono-mealing: eating one food for a full meal. One mono-meal a day is the best thing to do for your body.
*Only combine where circles touch directly
Food combining chart
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