Tips For Meditation + Guided Meditation Video

Hello beautiful people.! I am very excited to be sharing with you some tips to help your own, unique process of meditation. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the benefits of meditating and hopefully that’s why you’re here. Meditation is the number one most effective way to start or end your day. Meditating clears the mind of anxiety, procrastination or any other unwanted feelings. It allows you to live in the moment and therefore achieve more happiness. Each meditation is different in its own way, because there are many different kinds of people recording meditations. Mainly there are two types: Guided and unguided.

Guided meditations often are written with a clear goal in mind that someone talks you through… Whereas un-guided has no speaker, and just allows the music to bring you into a certain state of mind.

I have personally created and recorded a guided meditation for “Calm Energy”. Be sure to check out the video down below.

Tips for Meditation

-Get comfortable: It’s very important that you are 100% in a comfortable position, whether that be sitting or laying down. If you don’t feel comfortable with your legs crossed– don’t cross your legs. You don’t have to be a Buddhist Monk in-order to meditate effectively; your body knows, and you know how to relax. You can lay on the floor, or in a bed.. don’t get too comfortable that you fall asleep though lol. You want to be mindful and conscious during your meditation.

-Wear headphones or be in a totally quiet place: The number one thing that can bring you out of meditation (besides the non-stop racing thoughts) are loud sounds and distractions. The goal of meditation is to have your full attention on the present moment, or visualizing somewhere. Sounds can still keep you in the moment, but loud sounds like kids crying or people shouting isn’t ideal. Wear headphones, and find a good, quiet place.

-Hold a crystal or stone for grounding and/or energy focus: Crystals and stones have their own unique energy that they emit. You can feel this a lot easier during meditation. They allow you to stay grounded and focused. I find that by holding them or having them around/on your body is most effective. Different colors signify different vibrations or energy the crystal gives off. Find a few that catch your eye, hold them and determine if the energy is right for you then use them during mediation.

-Meditate with another person: Contrary to belief, you don’t have to be sitting alone on a mountain in some mystical place. Group meditation is one of the most powerful things we can do as humans! Raising each other’s vibrations and tapping into synchronized energy is an amazing experience. Ask some members of your family, or your spouse, friends, or even a child to sit with you and meditate. It’s a wonderful bonding experience as well!

-Meditate first thing or last thing in the day: Right when you wake up, or right before going to sleep is when your subconscious mind is most vulnerable. Instead of grabbing the phone and scrolling through texts or social media.. open a meditation! Your mind can then be primed with uplifting, calm energy that will help you throughout the day or, to sleep well. It’s important to notice your thoughts in the morning or right before bed– what do you think about most? Meditation can help organize those thoughts and make you more productive or mindful throughout the day.

-Breathing is a form of meditation: Take a deeep breath in right now. Relax your shoulders and neck, unclench your jaw. You don’t realize how much tension builds up in your body. It’s incredible what a few deep breaths can do to bring back to balance within your body and mind. There are breathing meditations that can be found online when you don’t have enough time to go through a whole guided one. Breathing can be done at any time.. in the car, in the elevator, in the bathroom. Just breath, and you’ll see how much your racing thoughts, anxiety and stress dissipate.

Enjoy the guided meditation down below ! 



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