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Hello, beautiful humans! Welcome back to the ‘Eat the Rainbow Series’; can you believe it? We’re already half way done with the rainbow! If you haven’t seen the two previous colors, please click the above links! Thanks for joining me on the next color in this series– Yellow!! Yellow always seemed like a color I could only wear on my best days. It’s such a an abundant, bright, & cheerful color I always felt I had to match that energy 100%.

Symbolically, yellow represents:  joy, positivity, happiness, higher thinking, and energy.

It’s no wonder some of the tastiest, and energizing fruits are yellow! Down below I’ve compiled a beautiful, tropical selection of yellow fruits.


A delicious food we’re all very familiar with that comes with it’s very own package! Most don’t know– but they key to a perfect banana is eating when it’s a rich yellow color & has brown spots all over it! No green in sight; make sure you’re eating ripe bananas or it could mess with digestion, seriously. Bananas produce carbohydrates that take the form of sugars which release immediately into the body. This makes bananas a fantastic energy-boosting food; best eat it before or after a workout. A few significant nutrients of bananas include high levels of: Vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium, and Magnesium. Vitamin B6 is necessary to reduce nervousness, depression, irritability,– basically nervous system disorders. Potassium performs as an electrolyte which in turn promotes circulatory health (great for high-blood pressure). Potassium also supports to manage hydration levels within the body, and helps oxygen to reach your cells. Bananas are an all around perfect food– especially on the go!


Guess what vitamin lemons are high in? You guessed it! Vitamin C! After reading about the orange and red fruits, by now we all know the benefits of Vitamin C. As a quick recap, Vitamin C is crucial for a healthy immune system. Our immune system combats any lurking bacteria or viruses in our body, and defends against cancer cells. Adding lemon juice to your salad, or to other fruits and veggies can positively impact health! Lemons are anti-inflammatory, benefit the heart, and have an impressive amount of potassium (which we learned more about under Bananas). Drinking room temperature lemon water in the morning is a great way to boost metabolism, which can potentially lead to weight loss.



Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits ever!! Nothing better than fresh sliced pineapple on a summer day. Honestly– it’s worth all the struggle of cutting it open, I promise. Pineapple is another anti-infalmmatory, anticancer, and is noted for it’s actions regarding heart-health. When you take a bite of pineapple, you’re body is getting flooded with health promoting nutrients.! Pineapple is full of Vitamins and minerals, surprisingly high in fiber, and is another mood boosting food. Like papaya, pineapple also is effective at supporting digestion– especially the break down of proteins into amino acids. Let’s not forget from an earlier post, that amino acids are the building blocks your body needs in order to readily absorb them as “protein”. I definitely recommend making a refreshing pineapple/papaya smoothie as a snack or in the mornings — squeeze some lemon in there while you’re at it. 🍋



My friend said “you’ve never had a mango, until you’ve been to mango island”. I’ve never heard of mango island, but please sign me up for the next flight!!! Lately, I’ve been cutting open some of the most amazing organic mangos I’ve ever tasted!! Mangos are usually around all year, but they are at their prime in the summer forsure! Mango is regarded for it’s healing effect on high-blood-sugar and blood pressure. Mangos are loaded with antioxidants, & are also a satisfying source of fiber. Think of fiber like a broom in your intestines, just sweeping away all the built up gunk down there! Mangos offer some solution to age-related obstacles in such as vision problems, bone health, and optimal brain function. Personally, with all the benefits mango has to offer, I’d opt for indulging in 2-3 for a full meal. A squeeze of lemon ontop boots the flavor to the max!!


Overall, these are some powerful tropical yellow fruits I suggest eating everyday! The accessibility of the banana and the juicy sweet tang of the pineapple are hard to pass by. In the summer, we should be outside absorbing the rays of the sun. For some people, being out in the sun for too long can cause damage; these fruits are just what you need to help protect your body! Consider combining some of these healing foods together to make a delicious, nutrient filled meal. See you next time for our next color!


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