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Continuing my ‘Eat the Rainbow’ series– I hope you enjoyed the last one and learned something new about the red fruits ( click here for the previous post.) Here we are diving into the beautiful color Orange. 

Orange: This specific color signifies joy, creativity, expression and freedom.

Most people assume my favorite color is green because of my name, but I really love orange! It’s such a warm, bright, stimulating color. In this series it is my intention to explore foods most people look over. Trust me, there are more orange foods out there than just carrots and oranges– just sayin. 😄

Disclaimer: oranges & carrots are NOT included on this list.



First off, apricots are a wonderful, yet underrated food. Apricots are mostly associated with a dried fruit version, or jam. It’s important to pay attention to dried fruits because a lot of times they are laden with preservatives such as sulfites, & you don’t want that. I’m here to tell you, eating it fresh, and in season is the best time to reap it’s benefits. Starting with the basics first, apricots are high in vitamin c, vitamin A and even copper!! These lil fruits are also loaded with antioxidants, which suppress free radicals in the body. Free radicals are basically cancer cells which may not lead directly to cancer, but to chronic disease. A notable benefit is it’s ability to protect and support the liver— a SUPER important organ in our body having over 500 functions. Apricots have been found to reduce inflammation in the body, & due to it’s high carotenoid properties it supports eye-health. They are also high in fiber and low in sugar making it a great food for diabetics.



First of all– Yasss!! Who doesn’t like peaches!? Eaten ripe, and in season they are SO delicious!! High in vitamin A and C and a considerable amount of potassium; peaches also contain loads of antioxidants and have been studied to find the nutrition in peaches can fight off cancer directly! Here in America we have a continually growing number of people with heart-related diseases that can be controlled, managed, and in most cases completely eradicated with a diet high in fiber and antioxidants. Something notable that stone-fruits have in common is their ability to help with issues regarding inflammation, diabetes, weight gain, and high cholesterol. The nutrients within peaches a fights and eliminates overgrowth of candida. Candida overgrowth symptoms can include: white coating over the tongue, unexplained fatigue, consistent yeast infections or UTI, skin conditions and of course digestive problems. Like apricots, peaches help to prevent degeneration of the eyes.



Unfortunately, people confuse nectarines with peaches and sometimes apricots. That’s why I made this post– in order to distinguish each fruit for it’s unique and beautiful property. To easily distinguish nectarines from peaches, keep in mind nectarines are usually smooth with no hair and a bit lighter orange color compared to the deep, soft fuzzy skin of a good peach. Nectarines taste wise have a little bit of a sour twang. These yummy fruits are recognized for their ability to assist digestion, and improve heart health. Nectarine, as with all stone fruits, contain high amounts of vitamin A & C. Vitamin A & C are mentioned always because they are incredibly remarkable vitamins your body requires. Vitamin C is powerful regarding skin health, gut damage, and fighting chronic disease through strengthening the immune system. Vitamin A is also important for the immune system, reducing inflammation, eye & bone health, and aids in reproduction. These stone fruits sure do pack a punch, huh?



Some people stray away from papaya because it’s a little different looking but do NOT discriminate based on looks! This is an incredibly beneficial food for our gut, and is best eaten in the morning with other foods. It has special enzymes that assist your body in breaking down and assimilating the protein you eat. Papaya, unsurprisingly have elevated levels of Vitamin A, C (one papaya will give you 100% of your daily intake of vit-C) and Folate. Folate is considered a B-Vitamin that supports brain and nervous system, and provides cardiovascular support; it is specific for assisting the production of red blood cells. Papaya is anti-inflammatory, can protect against macular degeneration, and protects against arthritis. My favorite combination is: a papaya smoothie with mangos and pineapple. This breakfast combo is essential to get my digestion started off on the right track.


In conclusion, these orange fruits are actually very similar to the red fruits in regards to the significant levels of vitamin A and C. A key difference are the fruits that are high in other vitamins and minerals that make them a unique and perfect nature-balanced food. Having a diet high in antioxidants greatly decreases your chances of cancer forming in your body– keep that in mind. The fiber of these fruits will help to combat many digestive issues, saving you a lot of trouble in the future. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for joining me on the Eat the Rainbow Series| Orange. Stay tuned for the next color!



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  1. Great Post! Very informative and well written. I learned quite a bit even after my second reading of it. I very much agree that Apricots don’t get enough love. They are delicious! It is awesome that all of these fruits are perfect for Vitamin A & C. I wonder if its an orange thing 🤔 I also had no idea that apricots and peaches help with eye health. That’s amazing!

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