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Green, green, green! The worlds most abundant color– next to blue of course. The reason I even named this blog ‘Green-vibes’ was because the color green resonates with almost everyone. Personally, when I see green, I immediately think of it as a nurturing, energizing, and an overall calming color.

Traditionally, the color green is regarded as a symbol of growth, harmony, tranquility, and renewal.

A fantastic color if I do say so myself 😄 Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce: the Green foods~



An avocado a day is perfect. They have now been noted to be very effective reducing the risk of certain cancers (prostate and breast are just two). Even on a low fat diet; you need to consume some type of fat & it might as well be the good stuff. Buy organic, and often. I find that organic is so much more flavorful and nutritious. Speaking of the good stuff, it’s full of mono-saturated fats. These specific types of fats (unlike saturated) can aid the body in reversing insulin resistance & regulate blood sugar levels. Avocado also has loads of fat and water soluble vitamins essential to the body; it even has a decent amount of protein!! Add it to your morning smoothies to make a creamy, & nutrient rich meal!



MY ALL TIME FAVORITE EDIBLE FLOWER!!! Sorry, but broccoli needs a shoutout. Let’s be honest, it’s the main victim in the “eat your veggies, kids” commercials. Broccoli is truly a star in my heart, no matter what anyone says! Let me tell you why: Broccoli supports liver function, hormonal health and reduces risk of chronic disease !! That’s just the base of the cake! This cruciferous vegetable balances the PH in the blood and is known to increase cognitive function. High in fiber, vitamins and minerals— of course this is a great food to have in your daily diet. Lightly steaming is the best way to consume; don’t boil or overcook in oil! Broccoli is an amazing addition to most meals such as pasta, rice, and bean dishes! Buy broccoli organic, fresh or frozen.


Leafy Greens

Frequent consumption of leafy greens is SO essential to your body. Think about it like this: 99% of life on Earth stems from consumption or use of plants. They are the top dogs in resilience; eat them. Popeye didn’t eat spinach for the fun of it; he knew the secrets… he knew. Now, I’m talking about going to the store and getting more than just spinach. Expand your knowledge and taste! Try getting some organic: dandelion, collard, and mustard greens.  Red leaf lettuce, swiss chard, dinosaur kale etc. Incorporating more greens definitely includes herbs!   Leafy greens are pack-full of vitamins AND minerals; did you know greens are super high in antioxidants too?! Lacking in iron or calcium? Greens gotcha. Lacking in Vitamin K or fiber? Greens gotcha. Considering greens are so high in so many nutrients, it’s so suprise that greens reduce inflammation throughout the whole body. Not only that, greens are a great heart food, significantly reducing the risk of heart disease– Americas #1 Killer. Cheer on for fiber! 


I used to eat lots of kiwi as a kid, so happy I did because it’s damn good! The taste is generally sour, but if you eat it just as it’s perfectly ripe, it’s incredibly sweet! Some say you can eat the skin by rubbing the hair off first.. but I’d rather just cut it in half and scoop out the fruit with a spoon. There are two kinds of Kiwi.. golden and green; here in America I’ve only seen green. No matter though, both varieties are powerful through their high levels of antioxidants. Kiwi is a remarkable super food that is rich in Vitamin C & K; also noted for reducing symptoms regarding IBS, improving bowel function. Something special about kiwi: apparently it’s amazing for sleep. Significantly improved sleep onset, sleep span, and efficiency.


So as we saw above, these Green foods are a must-have on every shopping haul! Think of green, think of electric foods! Anti-inflammatory, great for the immune system & saturated with good nutrients. Eating these foods of the rainbow will majorly decrease the risk chronic disease in the body. Also, want to say that I really appreciate your patience with me during the unfolding of Eat the Rainbow Series. Blue and Purple will be the last of series, can’t wait to see you there!

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