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Eat the Rainbow Series| Blue & Purple





WooHoo~! We’ve made it to the last post in this ‘Eat the Rainbow Series’! Thank you all so much who read and ate something new with me each week, expanding your food horizons! It’s so much fun incorporating healthy, new foods into the diet at least once a month. I definitely believe that eating the foods listed in this series will pave a beautiful road to optimal health! 

Our last color is actually two! Purple and Blue. There just aren’t enough of one color, sorry. That must mean they’re a rare find~

Traditionally, the colors of blue represent: stability, wisdom, confidence, and a sense of calmness. Purple was seen as: a color of power, courage, ambition, creativity, & higher thinking.

These are summer foods that are powerful health foods for the body! I thank you for being on this colorful journey with me~I’m happy to introduce the foods in this series, the blue & purple foods



I don’t know many people that are blackberry fans, but I sure am! My favorite way to enjoy blackberries is in jam though– a guilty sweet treat! Totally worth it to make your own out of fresh, organic blackberries; avoid added sugars at all costs if you can. The true health benefits of this berry are real! It’s got high levels of vitamin K; this is important to your menstrual & cardiovascular system (healthy blood pressure levels). Regarding “that time of the month”, it’s a great snack to have on deck. The presence of  Vitamin K assists the body in regulating hormones and could potentially help alleviate cramping & PMS symptoms. It’s definitely a food to add your diet when in season. Unbeknownst to many, blackberries are cancer fighting and have almost 50% of our daily value of manganese. 



Blueberry muffins did you say.?? HA, yeah right! It’s so much more beneficial to eat these fresh by the handful rather than in a sugary pastry! Blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, you don’t want any of that diluted. Antioxidants as we know from the previous posts, help prevent cell damage and protect against chronic disease. A diet high in antioxidants is berry important in a world flooded with so many toxins. Think straight, studies have shown blueberries increase cognitive function and memory. So remember to eat your blubes after your morning workout, they can also lead to weight loss due to high fiber content in each cup.



I used to eat a ton of plums when I was little! Thinking about it, I was pretty good at mono-mealing; I could eat 3-5 of these at a time! So good, so juicy, and not too sugary, in-fact they reduce blood sugar levels in the body, helping to control diabetes. Not only do plums have that magic, but the nutritional content in them can have a major impact on bone health. Shown to inhibit deterioration of bones, improve formation & bone density! Pretty amazing & just like you’ll find in this whole section, this purple fruit also protects the brain. Specifically reducing inflammation and impairment in the cranial region. 



Did I hear peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of grape juice?? LOL NO! Just like the blueberries– shove these in your mouth by the handful instead of consuming it in a processed/concentrated form. I know these beauties can be expensive, but at least buy one bag of organic purple/red grapes while they’re in season! The antioxidant level in grapes is off the charts! I’m sure you’ve all heard it before how drinking wine can help your heart–well, lets cut out the middle man and get straight to the source. Avoid the sulfates & added sugar often found in wine; grapes have a low glycemic index, making them a good choice for diabetics too. The nutrients found in purple/red grapes is in-fact incredibly restorative to the cardiovascular system; improving overall heart function. The antioxidants reduce inflammation in the body and help cells stay healthy.

Thank you again so much for enjoying this ‘Eat the Rainbow Series’ with me. I had a lot of fun looking into these beautiful plant-based foods!

A quick summary of what we read in this section: The high levels of flavanoids found in most blue and purple foods are the main hero when it comes to brain function. 90% of the foods in the series were noted for their low glycemic index; don’t be afraid to eat lots of fruit because of the “sugar”. You want to avoid added sugar, it’s best to get it from the source where there’s loads of other nutrients your body requires. We also learned that a meal rich in antioxidants is a sure way to support the body in preventing cancer and other dis-eases in the body. Eat up!!

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