Eat the Rainbow Series| Red

Want to feel and look truly healthy? Start by simply: Eating the Rainbow. There’s no better color to start with than red. Red is a powerful color symbolically, it is also a significantly eye-catching color to us. The color is associated with love, power, energy and strength– which is perfect when it comes to foods. There is true power in all colors, they are truly captivating to all of our senses. Take that into account when choosing what foods to put into your body.

The Standard American Diet consists of food that is not alive.

The food is bland and has a lot of bland colors going on (pale, dead colors). That’s why they dress up the packing– pops of red and orange or green.. making it look like something it’s not. Consider that when going through aisles and aisles of processed foods. Just stick to the produce section, it never lies and it never needs advertising because it does it on its own. Let me introduce 4 perfect red foods you can eat ALL summer long!

*Disclaimer: There are many foods that can go in the color categories, I am choosing the ones that will be most accessible to people. Feel free to add more into your diet 🙂 ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC PRODUCE! 

You’ll find that nature provides the most abundance for us all year long through the plants.


:Benefits: Cherries are an excellent source of vitamin-C and are surprisingly high in fiber. High in antioxidants which means they assist the body in fighting free radicals; aka cancer fighting. Cherries have a low glycemic index, meaning they are low in sugar and therefor can be useful when concerned about high blood sugar. Tart cherry juice (TCJ) is definitely not as delicious, but it has been known to promote weightloss. TCJ juice can really reduce inflammation and is used specifically for arthritis & stimulating heart health; also used to treat osteoarthritisCherries also contains melatonin. Melatonin does a lot within the body, one thing it does specifically is regulate the circadian rhythm within the body supporting better quality of sleep. When you have better sleep, you’ll not only make healthier decisions, but maybe you’ll feel refreshed enough to go out for a morning walk!



:Benefits: Strawberries are one of those fruits where you either get a really good carton or a carton full of sour/moldy fruits LOL. Safest way to prevent that is always buying organic strawberries. They are one of the fruits that are consistently testing positive for high amounts of pesticides used. You don’t want that because these delicious little finger foods have so much to offer! Like cherries, they are extremely rich in antioxidants; strawberries have also have a significant amount of vitamin A & C. Having these nutrients reduces inflammation, risk of chronic disease, and cancer in the body. Combine both strawberries and cherries and you’ll have great defense against heart disease! Studies have also shown strawberries benefit brain health, aid in the detoxification process and are high in the mineral manganese. Manganese is essential for nervous system and brain health.


:Benefits: These lil fuzzy fruits are the light of my life! I personally really love raspberries, they are an acquired taste because they can be very sour with subtle sweetness. These “berries” also have a tendency to mold very quickly but again, buying them organic can help eradicate these issues. I also recommend freezing them right away to add to smoothies or just to snack on.

High in vitamin-C, raspberries are very nutrient dense & have many benefits. A recurring theme among these red fruits is their abilities to improve heart health. Considering heart disease is the number one killer here in America, it’s extremely important to care for your heart– as it beats for you every second of everyday. These “berries” can help to manage weight; the phytonutrients they contain help to increase metabolism. Like cherries, they surprisingly have high fiber content that helps move along stagnation in the gut. Raspberries are a good food choice when one is trying to manage diabetes; they are low on the glycemic index (low in sugar)! The best quality these fruits have is their anti-infalmmaroty capabilities; helping especially with arthritic pains. Inflammation can occur everywhere in the body, it’s not just an “old people” thing.


:Benefits: Funny enough, after reading about berries, don’t shoot the messenger buuut..

Watermelon is the only true berry on this list! Strawberries and raspberries are not technically berries, botanically speaking.

Watermelons have become my favorite breakfast meal because they are not only easy to prepare, but are deliciously sweet and high in water content. Hydrating your body is key first thing upon waking up! This high-water fruit also aids in weight-loss; it contains specific enzymes necessary for breaking down fats and using them as fuel. Usually we think only the orange foods can contain beta-carotene, but watermelon is a great supplier of that in the form on Vitamin A. As a recurring theme here in the red section, we see watermelon is also high in vitamin C– simulating immune 

function & reducing inflammation. Watermelon is also used as a natural cancer treatment–it is truly a healing food!!! It is my favorite as a post-workout meal because it is very effective at reducing muscle aches and soreness. I could probably write a whole paper on watermelon, but my favorite thing about this true berry is that it’s incredibly powerful detox properties. Pure alkaline foods like watermelon protect your body from chronic disease and cancer. Ditch all those weird detox supplements and instead enjoy 🍉 watermelon juice 🍉 every morning!


As a recap, eating all of these beautiful red fruits can help with: Vitamin C or A deficiency, Heart health, Weightloss, Cancer, Detoxing, and Skin Care. Add them to your diet! Eat fruit that is in season! Freeze what you cannot eat! Most importantly: Buy Organic Produce!!!


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