Wanted to give everyone a little introduction to what this blog is. First things first, I am no expert but I have a strong passion for informing those who are open to receiving it. I am on a journey as many are; I only wish to share what I’ve learned with you so that we may progress towards becoming our greatest versions. 

I am 23 year old, African American, and a very charismatic Vegan. I bring up each aspect of myself because it is all important. There’s a stigma that being vegetarian, or being vegan is a “white people thing” or “only for rich people”, “gay” etc. What I hate seeing most is older people giving up on their lives because they believe it’s “too late”! 

Since when did being happy and healthy only belong to a certain group of people?

It’s imperative that people all around the world start paying attention to their health. Green Vibes is going to be a place where everyone can come and get genuine guidance on living an enriched life. Health is a word that’s thrown around a little too carelessly. It’s hard to sort out the few truths when there are thousands of lies. I want this to be a place people can express their concerns about health, especially regarding Western culture! I am going to be that person who leads you to the water. I don’t ever want to tell you what to do, I just want to give you the tools to make the right decisions for the lifestyle you want to live.



The Secret Life of a Black Vegan


A bit of background: I was born in Hawaii but I didn’t get to stay there, instead I was raised in the Chicago area, aka the midwest United States. The midwest used to be a vast prairie land where thousands of wildflowers and grasses grew. Due to agriculture that’s no longer apparent. The city of Chicago however, is a beautiful metallic concrete jungle known for its deep-dish pizza–which is SO delicious, no joke! Fortunately, thinking back now, I don’t miss it at all 😬. To be honest, it wasn’t my intention to forget about any of it, especially the food.

I was the one you’d least expect to go Vegan. I’d throw back any kind of food, especially THE MEAT! My grandma used to call me ‘BurgerFry’ because that’s all I would eat. I was the kid sneaking out of bed, super late to eat a big bowl of cereal and watch cartoons. Ages 0-18, I never ever thought of food as anything but yummy. Thinking back, my grandma was the only one who would give me soy milk, Boca Burgers and made me eat veggies 😷. I didn’t really mind it, but I still complained enough to the point where she’d end up getting 2% milk for the grandkids.

Looking back on that now, I have an entirely new perspective. In a way I feel terrible and guilty for not paying attention..but I was young and no one told me any different. I have no kids, in spite of that, I definitely believe the world can change with how we feed our kids and how we educate them on the importance of food. Like most young people today, I never really cared about health. As cliche as it sounds, I thought “because I’m young, I’ll never get sick”. It amazes me because that mindset seems to be engraved on my generation now. Today you can find thousands of cases where younger people are getting diseases. Diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol; we all know the list goes on though. Hormone imbalance is a real thing that no one questions, but I do. Most of us are born healthy, I can’t fathom why dying of disease is normal now. Health isn’t just about being skinny or having great skin. It goes so much deeper than that but you have to find your own way.

I want to bring everyone to bring attention to yourself and question everything. That is the first step. 


 It wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that I took my first step without knowing. I started naturally gravitating towards better health. It was nothing intentional but surely needed. It was my sister who got the ball rolling first, she was suddenly very vested in her health. After seeing her dramatic weight loss, I was very intrigued. I watched my first 3 food documentaries, after that the ball just went faster and faster. April 10, 2013 and decided to cut red meat permanently. Every day after that day, I genuinely started to connect with my body in a loving way. I also started to pay attention to what was true and authentic. 

2014 I completed my Associates in Nothing Special & decided to leave home to spend another year at school. There I was a Music & Biology major; it didn’t last for long. The environment on the outside was pleasant, but I was in search of more… So I moved to the desert with my boyfriend!

(Actual picture after I climbed my first mountain 😅) 

2017 I am currently located in Arizona where I am studying Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. From there I will continue to travel and gain more true knowledge to share with you here on Green Vibes~!

The purpose of me starting this blog was NOT to create recipes. Honestly, I just recently started using cookbooks, lol. I have no recipes recorded at all, but I promise I’ll give lots and lots of recommendations. There are thousands of recipes all over the net.

Green Vibes is going to be a place of information. Here, you’ll have references about the importance of nutrition, self-love, & updates on how our little planet is doing & what you can do to help!

Something to meditate on: What matters are the small, daily choices we make time and time again that can support or undermine our ability to thrive. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Be friendly. Be open. Share what you’ve learned. Tell your story.
Green Vibes Always ~ Emerald E



Documentaries, books, and videos for starters down below. (I’d love to hear your feedback!) 

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