5 Tips for Eating Healthier

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Tip #1: Stop Stressing Over What You Can’t Eat

Continually filling yourself with doubt will kill your motivation faster than anything. Just because the person across from you is eating a burger and you’re eating a salad does not mean you are lacking. Constantly thinking that you are doing something that’s “too hard” will not benefiting your journey. If you continue thinking negatively, then your experience will be negative. Think about it like this– You’ve gone your whole life consuming these foods. You think mayyybe you can go a week without eating this food, maybe longer? I think you CAN, you should too. Change is exciting and gives an opportunity to try something new. A different salad dressing perhaps? Pick up some new veggies you saw at the store. How about those fruits that are in season.? Try to really make your health journey a positive experience.

Tip #2: Get Your Greens By Any Means

Kale, Spinach, Chard, Lettuce, etc. There’s a huge variety of greens that everyone seems to skip over in the produce section. Ironically enough, greens are one of the most inexpensive items in the store.  Not only are they super cheap, they’re pack-full of nutrients! If you’re looking for mineral-rich foods then look no further. Fresh greens can be the best addition to any food, but eating them steamed or lightly cooked can enhance the nutrition for some greens like Kale. My advice is to pick up a new green each grocery haul. Try it in salads, smoothies or combine it with a main meal of your choosing.

Tip #3: Mono-Meal Twice A week

Just as a refresh, when you mono meal, you eat one food for the entire meal. Ex: 3 apples for a meal, or maybe a whole watermelon for one meal. When you mono meal, you are giving your body a nice break from digesting a ton of different foods at once. Fruit is especially great in the morning because it’s water dense, sweet, and full of vitamins. What could be better.?! When it comes to veggies you can mono meal carrots, or greens that you can pallet on their own.

Pay attention to how the foods make you feel and how your body feels at the end of eating it all! The results will shock you, and it’s only one meal–c’mon.

Tip #4: Inform Yourself Without Google

As many of you may or may not know, online studies can be a trap. Click bait, bogus studies, ad paradise — ya gotta watch out. People who write headlines can and will say anything to get the consumers attention. Let me tell you from experience, humans can fall for anything. It’s super important to know what’s true and false when looking online.

Some advice I can give is getting your hands on actual books on the subject you’re interested in. Another good resource would be documentaries because they can give you that visual stimulation you need to stay motivated. There are some books & documentaries on my recommendations page specifically for health.

Tip #5: Understand & Remember Why You Are Doing This

This is the most important tip.! You have to remember WHY you are doing this. Write down these 5 questions and answer them in the same sitting. If it changes, then change it, but be honest with yourself.

  1. Why are you changing your lifestyle this way.?

  2. What will it benefit.?

  3. How long are you doing this for.?

  4. What are you hoping to achieve?

  5. Will this make you happy.?

If you do not ask these questions, you will falter and then fail. Remember the answers to these questions to keep yourself inspired and on the right track.

There is no better feeling in the world than being healthy.

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  1. Hey! I wanted you to know that I am newly converted vegetarian! It’s been about a month and a half. I feel better than ever. Love and miss you!


    1. Wow.!!! That’s so amazing.!! I’m SO incredibly happy you took that step to a better life ☺️. You deserve it, you really do. Love you too.!

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