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4 Foods To Eat Everyday

Hello and welcome to another quick reference blog post. I’ve got some key foods here that I feel everyone can benefit from eating every single day. Of course, to stay healthy it is imperative to eat a wide variety of plant-based foods. These 4 specific foods are easily accessible and also easy to add to almost every single meal. Let’s get started!

1. Fresh Fruit

If you follow me on social media, then you know I make a smoothie almost morning without fail. Some smoothies are tropical and super sweet, others are green, or just plain chocolate & decadent! No matter what, it always starts my day off just right. By eating fresh fruit your body does a lot less work & doesn’t have to do as much “breaking down” in order to give YOU energy.

Fresh fruit is certainly something to have every single day no matter what! Fruit is full of antioxidants and fiber that helps your body get rid of toxins. Breakfast is the best time to eat raw, fresh, fruit in my opinion. Not to mention, the high water content is extremely hydrating in the morning. Some fruits that aren’t as hydrating include dry fruits like banana or dates. I would not dismiss the dry fruits however…I have found they actually give me more energy. To make it easy: buy an abundance of one or two different fruits for the entire week. Then switch to another kind the next time you grocery shop! Remember, variety is key. Make a smoothie, grab a few apples on the way to work, or just make a pretty fruit salad the night before. You won’t regret it!🍓🍏🍋

2. Herbs

Herbs on plateBasil, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, & Rosemary are some of the common herbs you’ll find fresh at the grocery store. 🌿 Fresh is best for these types of herbs. Of course, you can eat them dry, that’s what we’ve probably been doing all our lives anyway. A dash of powdered garlic, some dried oregano and basil over pasta and so on. When you eat fresh herbs you’re consuming live nutrients. A greater amount of antioxidants are found in fresh herbs when compared to dried. Herbs add a great deal of flavor and aroma to food. When you buy them fresh, it’s almost a completely different taste and smell– it’s extremely potent.

I urge you to experiment. Fresh herbs are usually less than $1 in the produce isle of the grocery store.

Being as though I’m a newly educated herbalist, I’ve noticed there are a ton of misconceptions about herbs– like, they don’t work. In a later post, I’ll discuss some of the amazing medicinal benefits herbs have been commended for over thousands of years.

3. Leafy Greens

Now, this has to be a given, yet there are so many people who still don’t consume leafy greens. When I hear the word salad, I too cringe, but it’s not the end of the world. Salad is not the only way to consume leafy greens 🥗 . You can put spinach, kale and even lettuce in your smoothies (throw an herb in there too). Make 13-minute kale chips when you’re bored at home after work or on the weekends. Chop up a few different greens up and throw them in any dish, especially pasta.

Greens are special because they contain most all the vitamins & minerals our bodies need.

They also really help our digestive system due to the high fiber content. Did you know humans can see the color green in more shades than any color– why? Because we’ve been utilizing and eating green plants since the beginning of time! Let’s get back on track!

4. Tumeric

Tumeric Root
Tumeric Root

If you haven’t heard of turmeric yet, please enlighten yourself asap 🧡! Tumeric is ground into a bright orange colored powder made from a special type of root called a rhizome. It’s most known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to the specific constituents it contains. Inflammation can occur any place in the body, it’s not just a term used for arthritis; a majority of Americans do in fact have signs of inflammation due to diet. Speaking of diet, Tumeric to the rescue! When consumed it is a powerful digestive aid. Tumeric also has powerful antioxidant effects and is an anticancer agent. It’s so amazing and honestly so easy to incorporate into food. Most people buy it powdered, some buy the roots fresh! Tumeric has a strong smell to it, but don’t let that scare you. It has a very mild or non-existent taste when combining it with other food. I recommend consuming Tumeric with a healthy fat to make absorption more successful 🥑. I also like to drink it with fresh lemon/ginger water in the morning.

There is no better feeling in the world than being healthy.

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