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3 Foods You THINK Are Healthy

Ever heard these conversation starters before?

Person 1:“Ugh, I need to start eating healthy!” Person 2: “Oh, I know!!! I made this really nice baked chicken dish the other day w/ some low-fat cheesy broccoli! So delicious and healthy. Person: 3“ That sounds so amazing! I saw something online that the BEST breakfast is a small bowl of Special K and a splash of 1% milk—organic milk of course! Person 4: “I’ve had a few health foods, but they ALL taste like cardboard and cost a million dollars so I can never keep it up.” Person 5: “Wow Jen, you’ve only got a banana, a bag of grapes and Greek yogurt to eat all day? That’s so healthy! Goals!


Every day I hear this talk in my ear and roll my eyes. Partly because I too used to eagerly input my latest “health food choice” at work or with friends. Now that I know what I know, it’s a completely different ball game. These companies are smart, let me tell you. They’ve conducted lots of studies on humans regarding food. These companies know we love three things: Salt, sugar, and fat. Also, what colors we like to see, what images are softer on the eyes, and most importantly convincing us that “our product is healthy”. They get you with the “low fat” “lightly grilled” “no added sugar” and so on.. We’ve all seen these claims and thought “hmm, that does seem healthy!” Well. It’s a lie. A cruel, sick lie. The companies can choose some of the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients and call them “health foods”. In turn, while your GUT is getting bigger, so are their bank accounts.

Here are a few foods for you and your wallet to review:

Bag of chips


Okay, who can honestly say they’ve not had something processed to eat in the past 24hrs? Maybe a bag of chips, a candy bar, pizza, even a breakfast sandwich etc. For Americans, 60% of the food we eat is processed. Even “healthy alternatives” like low-fat cereal, muffins, granola bars. Living the fast life means everything has to be fast, especially food. The problem with processed foods is that they’re made in a factory and honestly have little to NO nutritional value. What is your body actually getting? “Great source of Calcium! Antioxidants! Enriched with vitamin A & D!” Yeah, we’ve heard & seen it all. What they don’t tell you about is all of the sugar, salt, and fat they add to make it taste good! With processed foods, manufacturers generally use wheat, soy, and corn–because it’s cheap. The bummer is they strip everything away that would make it actually nutritious. The machines basically eat and digest the food. When it comes out: they bleach it, color it, and add their additives to it so you and your wallet will come back for more! I don’t know about you, but I’m not okay with 60% of my diet being processed. It’s so much easier and better just to make and pack your own snacks! Apparently, waaay back in the day, packing apples, oranges, & bananas was the thing to do. Now, they’ve got us hooked on chips, fruit-snacks and energy drinks. I’ve seen real fights over a bag of Doritos. It wasn’t pretty.

Milk, Cheese, & YogurtYogurt and berries

Sadly, all my life I’ve been addicted to dairy. Like most of you, I “couldn’t live without cheese” literally because it’s a mother’s gift to their child. Only, we forget we’re not baby cows. Humans are the only other species on the planet to exploit other animals for their milk. Cows milk here in America is just oozing with puss, fat, hormones, bad bacteria, and lots of other things the corporations don’t mention on the front page. We make hundreds and thousands of products that contain milk. Dried milk, fermented, molded milk–which is cheese & spoiled milk which is just yogurt.

Ironically, over half of the human population is lactose-intolerant.

Yet we continue to heavily indulge and completely obliterate our body in the mix. Something I cannot wrap my head around is putting cheese on salad! That’s literally a pile of sour, salty, fat sitting on top of your “healthy meal”. All of the yogurt we’re giving to the young and old has a ton of added sugar. Mixing fruit and plain Greek yogurt isn’t all that better. Ever notice your tummy aches after drinking a milkshake? Milk and fruit. It’s terrible to combine any food with milk period. It’s best to eat fruit on its own or to find plant-based yogurt to mix it with.


Processed Meats

Just like the refined carbs, we’ve got the refined meats. Now everyone’s always going on about “protein protein!” but meat nowadays takes a lot more from the body than it gives. The best source of protein is in plant-based form; the body doesn’t have to break it down–but can readily use the amino acids. When we eat cooked or processed meats it damages our body on multiple levels we don’t even think about. Meat on average stays in the intestines for 3 days creating toxins inside the body. When anything dies, it immediately starts to decay. In the facilities, they spray the meat with chemicals to slow the process. Researchers have found that over 40% of all purchased packaged meats are still spoiled. They sell it to you in the store as “fresh meat”. The processed meats like pepperoni, meatballs, boneless chicken wings, lunch meat etc. are even worse because of the additives. These companies add in extra salt and even sugar to the meat. Fat of course, and even dyes to color the meat. All of these extra chemicals on top of the rotting flesh? No good. Not healthy. Opt for eating vegetables and grains to get the best sources protein, pure vitamins, and fiber!

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Green Vibes Always ~ Emerald E

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