Eat the Rainbow Series| Green

Red  Orange Yellow  Green, green, green! The worlds most abundant color– next to blue of course. The reason I even named this blog ‘Green-vibes’ was because the color green resonates with almost everyone. Personally, when I see green, I immediately think of it as a nurturing, energizing, and an overall calming color. Traditionally, the color […]

Eat the Rainbow Series| Yellow

Red  Orange Hello, beautiful humans! Welcome back to the ‘Eat the Rainbow Series’; can you believe it? We’re already half way done with the rainbow! If you haven’t seen the two previous colors, please click the above links! Thanks for joining me on the next color in this series– Yellow!! Yellow always seemed like a color I could […]

Eat the Rainbow Series| Orange

Continuing my ‘Eat the Rainbow’ series– I hope you enjoyed the last one and learned something new about the red fruits ( click here for the previous post.) Here we are diving into the beautiful color Orange.  Orange: This specific color signifies joy, creativity, expression and freedom. Most people assume my favorite color is green because of […]

Eat the Rainbow Series| Red

Want to feel and look truly healthy? Start by simply: Eating the Rainbow. There’s no better color to start with than red. Red is a powerful color symbolically, it is also a significantly eye-catching color to us. The color is associated with love, power, energy and strength– which is perfect when it comes to foods. There […]

Self-Sabotaging| Destructive Behaviors

“Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals” Negative Self-Talk & Doubtful Thinking ..Is like being in the middle of the ocean and shooting bullets into your own boat We all have those moments where everything seems to be going wrong… and instead of accepting the situation as […]

Our Planet Earth

Our planet Earth is deteriorating at a rapid rate due to human interference rather than human co-existence. We seem to think we are separate from every single thing on this planet… let’s not forget that we would not be where we are today without the natural resources the planet has and still consistently provides. There […]

Spread of Fruit

4 Foods To Eat Everyday

Hello and welcome to another quick reference blog post. I’ve got some key foods here that I feel everyone can benefit from eating every single day. Of course, to stay healthy it is imperative to eat a wide variety of plant-based foods. These 4 specific foods are easily accessible and also easy to add to […]